Freelance Writer

You have news or information that you have to tell the world. What you need is a very effective press release to get media attention. 

Package comes with grammar & spelling

When you have a new product or service or something that needs to attract media attention you need to have a well crafted and eye-catching press release.

An ordinary, run-of-the-mill media notice is not likely to get the attention you want. An effective press release needs to be formatted properly and stated in a way that journalists respond to best.

Our writers have experience in writing successful press releases that work not only for the editors but for the readers as well. They are committed to raise awareness of your newsworthy information, project launch, music or band promotion, company launch or other event.

With an important piece like that, it takes someone who knows the business of journalism well. Experience, in this case, counts a great deal. Our writers will consult with you in the process to get the best results.