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Every original piece of writing needs a copy editor to ensure it is free of errors in grammar and overall style. A professional looking piece is required by most publishers.

Package comes with grammar & spelling

A step beyond developmental editing, copy editing addresses remaining blemishes and inconsistencies in your manuscript. 

Almost all professional writing in print or in digital from has been worked over by copy editors.

Depending on the condition of your manuscript, your copy editor may work on a page-by-page or paragraph-by-paragraph basis. They will pay attention to technical elements including paragraph structure and length, the interconnection of ideas, and the effectiveness of the language itself, including word choice, dialogue, and tone. In fictional works, recurring themes and character development will also be addressed.

At this point, your editor will also move slowly and methodically through the manuscript to assure perfection of grammar, spelling and other mechanical elements, as well as accuracy of facts and numbers. They work to achieve consistency in spelling and referencing if applicable.