Film & Cartoon

Make your product or service more vivid with the use of animation or whiteboard in your advertising efforts. Creative, original and effective, whiteboard and animation bring your explanation to life. You need to explain something to your viewers, but you don’t want to rely on words alone.

You want something vivid and creative that conveys your message in an original way. Why not whiteboard or animation?

There’s no better way to communicate information clearly and simply. Our artists will customize a visual to your specifications, making your website buzz with graphics and sound.

You can choose the methods that work best for you, including 2D animation whiteboard, kinetic typography and motion graphics. Your message will be transformed into images that transcend words alone, and make your ad more appealing.

We work hand in hand with you to get the perfect explainer. Tap into our large pool of imaginative talent to make your message more effecting and interesting.



I am Haseeb with deep passion for animation. I love doing it every single day! I am a humble motion graphic artist dedicated to making the highest quality 2D explainer videos, logo animations, whiteboard animations and much more.