Digital Graphic

You’ve finished your album, and now you want to package it in an attractive and original way. Your album cover is the visual interpretation of the music you have created and should be as memorable as the music itself.

You make the music – that’s the most important part! You put an enormous amount of creative energy into every beat of the music you created and your album cover should reflect that.

Your cover should set the tone for the music you have created. You may already have some ideas about how you want the cover to look, or you may need some guidance and suggestions.

Our artists are here to help create a striking, original and authentic album cover, inspired by your own ideas and the music itself. Our artists work with you on every element of the album cover design, from lettering to visuals, through formatting and concept, leaving you with a cover that you love.

We have the skill to create a cover that reflects your music and message.