Coding & Technology

You’ve built your website and uploaded your content. Now it is time for a second set of eyes to explore the site and make sure that it is working perfectly. Get it reviewed by a professional before opening it up to your customers.

Building your website is a huge endeavor, but it’s not finished only when the building is done. You need to ensure that it works perfectly and is user friendly.

Having a fresh set of eyes review the site is the best way to ensure that no rock has been left unturned and that each feature is running the way its supposed to.

Our professional site testers are skilled at navigating websites and providing appropriate, helpful and useful feedback. Testing your site on various devices including desktops, mobile devices and on various browsers, they will report back on certain features such as design, navigation, speed usability, content, code error and SEO.

Their comprehensive analysis will be delivered in a PDF, with annotated screenshots and screen reporting (to explain the testing). Make sure your site is running well before it goes live, with the help of our team!