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An author’s website is the best way to present your profile on the web. It is a gateway to your professional background. For authors, artists or idea-makers of all stripes, how you present yourself is important. The fact is, if you ever contact a traditional publisher or a magazine, the corresponding editor will look for your website. The same is true for anyone who encounter your name and wants to learn more about you and your work.

Your success in winning over publishers and readers depends on your presentation. But in the age of the internet, it’s tempting to skip or shy away from web pages that aren’t immediately inviting and engaging. For this reason, Anotherstory4u imagines an author’s website as their online house – it’s the designer’s job to ensure the guests are happy and provided for,  and leave to tell their friends about it. 

      • Direct marketing for your latest book and entire catalogue if applicable
      • A fleshed out author’s biography
      • Email sign-up sheets or forums to keep your audience informed and engaged
      • Personal or professional blogs
      • Links to social media platforms
      • Links to reviews of your work or other notable mentions
      • And much more

Choosing us to set-up your website puts you in direct contact with design and content production teams who will work closely with you to help your vision flourish in the tough world of online marketing.