All About the Writer **H.M. Cooper**

H.M. Cooper lives in Toronto, Canada. He began a career as an actor/writer with various theatre companies across the country from Newfoundland to Vancouver. He has completed a M.A. in the history and theory of psychology from York University and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto.

H.M. Cooper has worked at many different jobs over the years. In Vancouver, he was the writer for canadian Theatre of he Deaf and Touchstone Theatre. He was an actor/writer for well known theatres in Toronto. For the past number of years he has worked part-time as a teacher, mostly at small private schools, and as a writer/ghostwriter mostly for Holocaust survivors. He has published three books, all with POD Publishers; Daughters of the Teardrop Sea (Publish America 2004), Something Lyrical for the Night (American Book Publishing 2005), and Bar Kochba (with Ernest Weiss) (Publish America, 2008).

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