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The last thing you want in your house are bugs. You need screens that keep them out. Don’t replace. Repair.

Bugs can create an unhealthy environment for everyone. They are a nuisance and a terrible distraction.

Bugs in your house, especially in the kitchen, can make for a very uncomfortable experience. You may have screens to protect you on your windows and doors, but if they have holes and tears they will not do an adequate job. It can be very expensive to replace screens around your home, and it may be unnecessary. You are sure to find that it’s much more sensible and economical to have your screens repaired. Your house can be bug free at a minimum of expense. There are repair techniques that are quick and effective. Your screens will be like new so you can enjoy fresh air all season long without the irritation of mosquitoes and other annoying insects. Why wait for a better environment?

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