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It is no secret that bathtubs, sinks, tiles and some kitchen appliances can all be refinished at a fraction of the cost to replace them.

Do you know that bathtubs can be refinished?

The main advantages of recoating a bathtub over replacing it is that it saves tons of money, time, headaches and the environment.

Since many people still don’t know about this epic and revolutionary reglazing process, they just throw away and replace their bathroom or kitchen appliances. Thinking that replacement is their only option, they endure the noise, heartaches, wasted money and time associated with bathtub replacement.

For instance, in order to replace a bathtub, the tub has to be torn out, cut into pieces so that it would be possible to be moved through the tiny door of your bathroom. The surround tiles, tile on the floor, as well as the plumbing are all removed.

Further, you would have to contend with the pounding noise, dust and debris coming out of that tiny renovation space. Then, add the cost of paying all the different contractors involved in the tear out and replacement of the fixtures. Are you getting the picture?

On the other hand, bathtub refinishing is done right inside your bathroom. It takes about four to six hours to complete and you can use your almost like new tub after 48 hours. Bathtub refinishing saves you up to 75% of the cost of bathtub replacement.

Refinishing services are an affordable and effective option.

Don’t replace it: 

      • Refinish it!
      • Reglaze it! 
      • Recolor it!
      • Reface it!

Restore it to look brand new! And it will save you money!

Expert services include but are not limited to : 

      • Refinishing bathtubs
      • Refinishing ceramic wall tile
      • Repairing damaged bathtubs, e.g., rust, chips, scratches
      • Repair and refinishing of antique bathroom fixtures
      • Lead testing
      • Slip resistant finishing

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