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Planning an addition or improvements to your property? One person you will need to see is a land surveyor. They will establish legal physical boundaries.

If you are buying, selling or improving property for any purpose, it is often a legal requirement to use a land surveyor to establish boundaries. 

They are also used to establish maps and building corners and the location of surface features. One necessary function of the land surveyor is to lay out the physical geography for the construction of borders.

Surveying has been used in the construction of structures since the beginning of recorded history. The land surveyor uses a number of elements in their work, which is based on both ancient and modern scientific principles.

Their technical equipment is complex and includes such items as 3D scanners, drones and surveying software. The surveyors have academic qualifications and technical expertise.

They may be required for the sale of property, mortgaging a property, property redevelopment, the construction of fences and boundary disputes.

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