Molly & Friends Bundle

On Molly the ant’s first adventure, she and her friend Grubby the glow-worm must travel to the Crystal Mountains to find some very special rocks.

Molly the ant and her pet glow-worm Grubby are sent to Cloud Kingdom. By working together they discover why there is no rain, and how to fix it.

Molly and Grubby are asked once again for help. This time a distant monkey island has run out of bananas. They quickly jump into action to save their new friends.

When Molly and Grubby are approached by a concerned mother, they have to think quick to save her children. Working together they’re able to come up with a plan.

Molly and Grubby are back for another adventure, this time during their summer vacation. What starts out as a boring day soon becomes an adventure they’ll never forget.

Molly and Grubby find themselves on another adventure. This time they’ll need help from the new Storyteller in order to save a queen and figure out the maze.

Molly and Grubby go on another adventure. This time they help a teddy bear king realize the importance of practice, and sometimes taking chances.