About Us

ANOTHERSTORY4U is a place where connections are made easily, safely and conveniently. If you’re looking for a professional to help you with your work, hobby or your home, our site will give you opportunity and choice. For those needs around the home or business, our listings will connect you with experts who can do the job – and you can choose the company that is best for you. Our bookstore carries audio books and eBooks for children that are guaranteed to delight. Using our site is easy! We offer help when you need it. It’s affordable, worthwhile and rewarding!

FREELANCE SERVICES: By selecting the category that reflects the help you need, you can review the professionals that appeal to you best. Choose the freelancers you like, receive details and quotes and make your selection based on facts. We follow the progress that you make so that you can feel confident to the very end.

CONNECT TO BUSINESS: There are always tasks that are needed around the home or office. Tapping into relevant businesses by focusing on our list of jobs, you can locate a service that is right for you. You can receive quotes from a number of experts at no cost and choose the one that suits you best. No complicated phone calls. We make finding the right company easy.


Anotherstory4u is a Canadian self-publishing service provider working alongside writer of all genres and experience levels.

Our story began as a question: How can our business be a sustainable resource for aspiring or establishing writers wishing to bring their ideas to fruition?

Year later, after immeasurable brain-wracking, conceptualizing, and discussions with both writers and industry professionals, we have come to a solution. Today we offer an array of self-publishing services adapted to the demands of the modern author as well as an online bookstore functioning as a one-stop sales and marketing hub for self-published writers.

Anotherstory4u has a straightforward business model with no arbitrary fees or hidden costs, and we select staff who display both expertise in their field and a passion for the creative arts. This means we can keep prices affordable while engaging both parties in

meaningful, transparent relationships. Whether you take part in our editing, illustration, design, or marketing services, our central mission remains achieving your writerly dreams.

Our mission is not to sell ourselves, but rather to live by our values and ensure they are met in all or dealings with writers and staff. These values are: 

Transparency. All provided services are prefaced by a consultation between us and the writer. This is to establish a human touch, share ideas, develop realistic goals and deadlines, and open the door to all future correspondence. Our management and staff are contactable at all times and promise a day turn-around on messages delivered through our communication platform .

Empathy. It goes without saying that writing is difficult. We’ve been there and understand the struggles accompanying the writing life. In the world of self-publishing, these difficulties are added to by the complex business of editing, design, and marketing. Therefore, all writers in partnership with Anotherstory4u have access to advisors and professionals who understand the self-publishing process and can offer insight, reassurance, and realistic advice. That said, you as the writer are always in control: everything we do is undertaken at your discretion and under your supervision.

Accessibility. We won’t lie—self-publishing is risky. Not only is there no guaranteed profit to be made, but in many cases writers must pay for the work necessary to bring their book to the public. We understand that very few writers—especially emerging authors or those with families or financial strain—can afford the price tag of most self-publishing service providers. In the interest of allowing literature to flourish, we are devoted to keeping costs affordable for the average person.

Quality. We hire a range of experts from the fields of editing, illustration, eBook layout, and voice acting. To ensure you are receiving top-notch service, our staff must adhere to our guidelines regarding quality and expectations. Likewise, our administration team is available at all time to field concerns or questions you may have about the work being done.